A Simple Article, that Brings More Traffic, But Only Few People Know

how to increase blog traffic
One of the things that brought me traffic in recent times is additionally one among the only things to try and do on a blog. You may have noticed that it's terribly tough to make articles that stand out and actually keep people interested and engaged, isn't it? Yeah! This is often one of the foremost challenges for any bloggers and even popular writers, who can overcome this issue comes out ahead of the vast majority and achieves impressive results.

How to Divide Blogger Blog Post into Different Pages

Divide Blogger Blog Post into Pages
You may probably ask why you should divide your blog post into different pages. Think your post contains more than thousand words including large size images cause your blog load slower. People have different tastes, because they visit your blog for quick information. While seeing your large post and slowly loading, there is a possibility to lose your visitors. That's one of the reason I suggest split your blog post into different pages.

Beautiful Material Design Recent Posts Widget for Blogger

Recent Posts Widget for Blogger
Recent posts widget in a blog is more essential to signify your readers that your blog has been updated even if they are reading your old article. Recent posts widget on your blog's sidebar is one of the best ways to attract your visitors. Though Blogger provides recent post widget by default, no one is interested to display that nakedly without further customizations. It's a totally different beautiful material designed recent posts widget and hope this widget can enhance your blog.

The AIDA Method of Writing Creative Blog Post Titles

Creative Blog Post Titles
Getting traffic is every bloggers ambition. You never get even a single penny from AdSense if your readers are not interested to read your articles. Many of the bloggers succeed to write quality content but fail to write an eye catching post title those visitors impossible to be ignored and clicked. It's a simple logic that first impression is the best impression. You as a blogger prefer to get your article clicked rather than ignored. So learn to write creative post title your readers not willing to ignore whether your article is good or bad.

How to Enable Custom robots.txt Content in Blogger (Updated)

Add Custom robots.txt File in Blogger
If you want to increase your audiences but have no idea about how to customize your blog's search preference on Blogger. If you are a good article contributor, visitors are fully satisfied with your blog is gonna be down unless you edit your rebots.txt file as it should be. We don't know actually what kind of traffic you get or you prefer. If you prefer organic traffic, it’s necessary to improve your blog's SEO as a result of search engines to crawl your blog posts.

Top 5 Android Security Apps AV-TEST Recommends

Top 5 Android Security Apps
Are you trying to protect your personal data on your Android smartphone? Due to the high possibility of customization android is not as secure as iOS. Actually do you really need a third party security app on your Android smartphone? Google denies it claims that rumors are trying to natter their software. Having a security app is so essential to protect your android devices from malware viruses. There are thousands of security apps available on Google Play Store. But which one is most reliable security app for you?

Top 10 Highest AdSense Earners in the World: Updated

Highest AdSense Earners in the World
There are many AdSense alternatives right now but, the name Google AdSense is only the pioneer in affiliate and advertising markets. You may probably have tried to make money with AdSense and failed to earn more than $1 a day, but sometimes even $1 arrives in the balance, isn't it? But today’s post is about some heroes who earn millions of dollars per month with Google AdSense. This is a updated post and trying to keep update frequently.